Obama’s War on Women’s Sports

President Obama reluctantly accepts a WNBA jersey. (AP)

President Barack Obama has a women’s sports problem. We know he loves male sports because he somehow manages to closely follow all the major ones despite presumably doing all the things presidents are supposed to do on a daily basis, such as attend cabinet meeting and lead the free world. But where is the love for the ladies?

Former Obama Adviser Brings the ‘War on Women’ to Great Britain

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod meets with Labor Party leader Ed Miliband. (AP)

Former Obama adviser and memoirist David Axelrod has taken his talents to Great Britain to advise the Labor Party ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for May. Fittingly, he’s facing off against another former Obama adviser, Jim Messina, who is consulting for Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party.

In addition to advising President Obama to lie about his gay marriage position, Axelrod oversaw the Democratic Party’s efforts to accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women”—a tactic he is apparently trying to deploy overseas. Axelrod has pivoted from mocking Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment during a debate, to using pink busses full of women to campaign for female votes: