George Clooney’s War On Women Continues


George Clooney votes for and financially supports Democrats who want free and unfettered access to abortion on demand so we know he has a “get out of jail free card” from feminists everywhere for any roguish behavior he me exhibit. But his latest anti-woman action might just crack that firewall.

How to Become a Left-Wing Celebrity

Creative writing professor Reza Aslan. (Wikimedia Commons)

My former college professor posted this Media Matters clip of Reza Aslan responding to a rant from Bill Maher, the comedian liberals adore right up to the minute he starts talking about Islam the same way he talks about Christianity—with disdain. Aslan is an associate professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside, but he’s also regarded as an expert on religion, apparently, and judging my the 7.4 million views for this particular clip, he seems to be a minor intellectual celebrity.

The Media Matters headline reads: “You need to watch this: Reza Aslan calls out the media for generalization and bigotry when reporting on Muslims.” Salon made it the video of the week: “Reza Aslan takes down Bill Maher’s ‘facile arguments’ on Islam in just 5 minutes.”

Basically, Aslan wants the media to stop using Saudi Arabia to make generalizations about violence and women’s rights in Islamic societies. He calls that “the definition of bigotry.” There are plenty of Muslim countries, he argues, that are less violent and more respecting of women’s rights than Saudi Arabia, and it’s wrong to generalize.

Because his CNN arbiters don’t really know what they’re talking about, Aslan appears to be DEMOLISHING his opposition, and striking a decisive blow for all who oppose bigotry. This explains why so many liberals loved the video, and proceeded to wet themselves in the Facebook comments section.