ThinkProgress Attacks Major CAP Donor, Walmart

The Center for American Progress Action Fund’s blog attacked Walmart on Wednesday for retaliating against employees as they were demonstrating for wage reform.

The post did not disclose that the Center for American Progress (CAP) received up to $1 million from the retail giant and partnered with the group to hold a large party during last year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Briefly: Raising the Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

This is Econ 101 stuff here, but: if you increase the minimum wage, you kill jobs. Supply, demand, etc. As an addendum: if you target companies you don’t like in order to cripple their competitiveness, they won’t build stores in your ‘hood.

The geniuses on the D.C. City Council (a/k/a, Why D.C. Can’t Have Nice Things) don’t seem to understand these basic facts: