Jim Carrey, Campbell Brown, and Hollywood Violence

Who would have thought Lloyd Christmas and a former CNN anchor would be at the forefront of a substantive debate on gun control?

Campbell Brown wants the president to attack his checkbook by going after the Hollywood elites who finance his campaigns while profiting off of violent movies and television shows:

Video Games and Violence

Medal of Honor screenshot

How much does the culture we consume impact our values? Perhaps more importantly, how much does it impact our behavior? It strikes me as undeniable that cultural products can be a trigger for already-unstable personalities—your John Hinckleys, your Mark David Chapmans—but, on the whole, it is difficult to say just how much films, books, plays, music, etc. do to inspire evil.

Video games, we are often told, are different. They are interactive. They are generally aimed at younger and more impressionable audiences. Spending 10 hours with Catcher in the Rye isn’t likely to drive you to violence, but spending 1,000 hours killing people in a war simulator like the Medal of Honor series? That’s a horse of a different color, no?

Well, no.