Highlights & Takeaways from THE POLITICO’s Profile of President Obama

Bored by the presidency, Obama yearns to become a full-time member of the global cultural elite

THE POLITICO has published an epic philosophical profile of President Obama, the story of a man whose desire to assume his natural place among the global cultural elite is constantly frustrated by the fact that he is merely President of the United States (and somewhat obligated to serve out the remainder of his second term). He is quite clearly suffering from the Oval Office equivalent of Senioritis.

Read the whole thing, as it contains (probably) some of the most bizarre sentences ever written about a sitting president.

On Obama’s supreme confidence:

Security Tight at Secretive Democracy Alliance Meeting

Billionaires and millionaires rub elbows behind closed doors with Democratic pols and progressive foundations
The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

Democrats have long railed against the lack of transparency in political funding, but security was airtight this week as a hush-hush network of progressive moneymen and activists held a closed-door conference to map out their plan to shift U.S. policy to the left.

Chicago Transit Authority Sued for ‘Systemic Fraud’

Cause of Action suing CTA for over-reporting 'vehicle revenue miles'
Chicago / AP

A government watchdog group is suing the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), alleging that the CTA may have improperly received between $30 million and $150 million in taxpayer funds by over-reporting mileage for grant funding dating as far back as 1982.

Team of Goofballs

Incompetence of Obama advisers knows no bounds

President Barack Obama has surrounded himself with a team of loyalists who are more committed to supporting him than running the federal bureaucracy. Meanwhile, long-time Washington officials who have shown shreds of competence in the past are being swept aside.