Obama Hugely Popular Among Fake Voters


The New York Times reports that on the phenomenon of fake Twitter accounts. As it turns out, a large majority of accounts following some of the world’s biggest celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and President Obama, are fake.

Pelosi Tweet Goes Up in Smoke

House minority leader's office deletes tweet praising Lee Fang, controversial blogger known for vaporous reports

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) rescinded her praise for the Nation magazine’s controversial blogger, Lee Fang, following a Free Beacon report revealing Fang’s history of filing error-riddled stories.

Follow the Beater

Obama Campaign Staffer: Defender of Women, Follower of Misogynists

An Obama campaign staffer who accused Mitt Romney of not appealing to women is following several notorious misogynists and woman beaters on Twitter.

CAP Blogger Accuses Bibi of ‘Religious Incitement’

Simon Wiesenthal Center blasts notion that Book of Esther should be shunned

Matthew Duss, a writer at the left-leaning Center For American Progress, is again under fire for beaming out virtual messages that are offensive to Jewish people.