Hillary Clinton: Running for President, One Tweet at a Time

"Pls delete."

Hillary Clinton has been so reclusive of late that some experts have compared her to an ailing third world dictator. Clinton’s aversion to the public spotlight comes as no surprise, given her poor political skills and tendency to make statements that most normal Americans find offensive and out of touch. In recent days, Clinton has been campaigning for president almost exclusively via Twitter, using cautiously worded gibberish that appears to have been “focus grouped down to the hashtag.”

State Dept. Apparently Knows its Hungarian Porn

/ Twitter

The State Department has developed quite the reputation for its Twitter account after several controversial tweets, including one endorsing a handbook that calls Jihad ‘noble.’ Tuesday’s tweet from the State Department-run account, called Think Again Turn Away, is an unconventional attempt to tell “some truths about terrorism.”

ADD Activism: Liberals Have Stopped Caring About #BringBackOurGirls

photo via Twitter

VOX DOT COM is right, for once. The Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by terrorists scumbags back in April have been completely forgotten, and so has the trendy hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. It’s probably been weeks since you last encountered it.

Don’t worry, though, the story gets way, way worse. NBC News reports that, since the original kidnappings, the terrorist group responsible—Boko Haram—has “has taken at least 1,000 lives in what may be the deadliest killing spree by a single terrorist group since the Sept. 11 attacks.”


VOX DOT COM, Explained

Correction: Nothing contained in this advertisement is true.

A couple weeks ago, Sonny Bunch observed that VOX DOT COM, the eight-figure juicebox upstart dedicated to “explaining the news,” can seem unbearably pointless at times, and is pretty terrible at explaining things.

Ezra Klein set out to “fix the news,” by adding “crucial context,” promising to deliver a “completely different product” utilizing a “mix of technological and workflow approaches.”  The mission of VOX DOT DOM, he said, was to “build stuff that would be useful for people,” or even to “build a new culture.”

And what does that “new culture” look like?