Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor: Desegregation an ‘Unwilling Invasion’

Mark Pryor

Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor argued that the federal government’s desegregation of Arkansas’s largest public school in 1957 was an “unwilling invasion” that took “a local problem out of the local authorities’ hands” and led to deep suspicions of democracy in the state, according to a copy of his college thesis obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Ellison’s Election Tip Sheet

Ellison Barber election tip sheet

In a piece Friday morning, Politico writes that three of the “big Senate races” are breaking toward Republican candidates. If you look at the latest headlines about each state, it seems like they’re right.

Ellison’s Election Tip Sheet: Battleground Polls

Ellison Barber election tip sheet


There are two new polls out of Alaska this week, and Republicans have the lead in both of them.

Any poll that places a candidate ahead is going to be seen as a positive by their supporters, but polls aren’t always right so it’s never wise to hold a single poll in high esteem. However, it obviously matters when multiple polls suggest a lead.

What makes these two particularly significant is that they’re results from well respected polling firms (Rasmussen Reports and Public Policy Polling), they were released and conducted around the same times, and they both found Republican Dan Sullivan ahead.