Taxpayer-Funded Millionaire Fails to Comprehend the World

Paul Krugman wears a fancy medal. (AP)

Millionaire and public intellectual Paul Krugman takes homes a $225,000 salary (to do no actual work) from the publicly funded City University of New York. And that’s only a fraction of his total earnings, which include a six-figure salary from the New York Times, where he writes columns that regurgitate Democratic Party talking points in an authoritative voice.

Krugman’s latest is an attack on Gov. Rick Perry (R., Texas), who just took an exceedingly handsome mug shot and may run for president in 2016. Perry is also the governor of the state that leads the nation in job growth, a fact that doesn’t sit well with partisan hacks like Krugman:

Wendy Davis Hates Malt Liquor, Freedom

Wendy Davis starting early for November 4th

Things are looking bleak for embattled Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. How bleak? Johnny Manziel has a better chance leading the Cleveland Browns to a division title than she has winning in November. And now comes worse news.

In 1999, Davis wanted to ban the adult beverage of choice of college students everywhere: 40-ounce beers.


Dallas Morning News Editorial Board Eviscerates Wendy Davis


Over the weekend, the Dallas Morning News published a damning report on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ tenure in the Texas state senate. Senior political writer Wayne Slater documented how Davis, who worked at a law firm while also serving in the part-time legislature, voted on legislation that directly benefited her firm’s clients: