Wendy Davis Hates Malt Liquor, Freedom

Wendy Davis starting early for November 4th

Things are looking bleak for embattled Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. How bleak? Johnny Manziel has a better chance leading the Cleveland Browns to a division title than she has winning in November. And now comes worse news.

In 1999, Davis wanted to ban the adult beverage of choice of college students everywhere: 40-ounce beers.


Dallas Morning News Editorial Board Eviscerates Wendy Davis


Over the weekend, the Dallas Morning News published a damning report on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ tenure in the Texas state senate. Senior political writer Wayne Slater documented how Davis, who worked at a law firm while also serving in the part-time legislature, voted on legislation that directly benefited her firm’s clients:

Agents Continue Protecting Borders Without Pay

Border agents considered ‘essential,’ but are not receiving paychecks
Border Patrol Rescue Team administers an I.V. to help an illegal border crosser. / AP

The government shutdown is taking a financial toll on border patrol agents required to report for duty as they are considered essential workers, but are not getting paid due to the logjam in Washington.

Many agents “live paycheck to paycheck,” said Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Union.

Taking on Crime

Conservatives push for criminal justice system reform, say it saves money while reducing crime

Texas faced a choice in 2007: spend billions on new prisons to house its convicts or find creative ways to deal with criminals in the state.