Mullahs in Space

Iran may launch ‘living creatures’ into orbit
Ahmad Vahidi,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad / AP

Iran is set to unveil a new “space observatory” that will serve as the centerpiece of its space program and could launch “living creatures” into orbit “in the coming days,” according to state-run media reports.

Outgoing Senators Slam Obama

Kyl, Lieberman hit Obama for Iran, Syria failures
Sens. Kyl, Lieberman / AP

Two senior Senators criticized the Obama administration late Thursday for failing to present Iran with a credible U.S. military threat as Tehran inches toward building a nuclear weapon.

Report: Iran Sanctions Have Failed

Economic sanctions yet to make a dent in the regime’s nuclear program

Economic sanctions on Iran have failed in their “principal objective” of preventing Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons, according to a nonpartisan study by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

NIAC Loses Defamation Suit

Pro-Tehran group harshly criticized by judge, forced to pay attorney’s fees

An Iranian-American advocacy group long suspected of concealing its illicit ties to the Iranian regime recently lost a four-year court battle aimed at silencing one of its principal critics.

Iranian Cyber Attacks Step Up

Pentagon Joint Staff: Iran cyber attacks, terrorism reveal Tehran engaged in covert war on the West
Pentagon / Wikimedia Commons

The Iranian government recently conducted a major cyber attack on a major U.S. financial institution that a military intelligence report said is a sign Tehran is waging covert war against the West.