NEW POLL: Most Women Oppose Having to Register for the Draft

Marines-Female General

A fair few conservatives believe that imposing draft registration on women is survivable policy and good politics—and there are plenty of others who disagree. Those who favor allowing the change to happen tend to see the issue as another culture war the GOP is destined to lose, harming Republicans at the ballot box and stealing oxygen from more important matters. Either way, it’s a hot issue: just within the last 24 hours one prominent Republican Senator has come out for registering women, while another has said he’s introducing a bill to stop any such thing from happening.

Just now, Rasmussen released a survey which provides some clarity and basis for political calculation.

The Populist Earthquake

Donald Trump (AP)

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders overturned American politics with their stunning wins in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday. As I write, with two-thirds of the vote in, Trump leads John Kasich by almost 20 points on the Republican side and Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 21 points on the Democratic side. Those numbers are incredible. Trump outperformed his ideological precursor Pat Buchanan, who won the New Hampshire primary in 1996. And Sanders—well, what can one say about Sanders?

Conservatives Say No To Drafting Women


Remember when the debate over “women in combat” was just a niche, professional dispute that seemed to affect only a small number of Americans, all of whom were either in (or trying to get into) ground combat units entirely of their own accord? It was all fun and games back in those days.