Cyber War

Cybercom chief: Destructive cyber attacks are coming

The commander of the military’s new U.S. Cyber Command said digital attacks are evolving from disrupting network functions to destructive strikes.

Companies Fined for China Tech Transfer

U.S., Canadian companies fined $75 million for illegal military helicopter tech transfer to China

Three companies were fined $75 million for illicit technology transfers used in China’s new Z-10 attack helicopter, federal authorities said on Thursday.

The Moscow-Beijing Axis

Su-35 Purchase Raises Questions About China’s Defense Spending, Threat to Taiwan

Reports of a Chinese purchase of advanced Russian fighter aircraft are raising new questions about the true levels of defense spending in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), while also highlighting concerns about the military standing of Taiwan in a potential cross-strait conflict.

Iran progress on nukes

The Iranian regime crept closer than ever to becoming a nuclear power today, unveiling several technological advancements to what it claims is a peaceful nuclear program.