Tax Reform Advocates Push for Lower State Income Taxes

Laffer, Brownback urge lowering tax burdens at the state level
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback / AP

The governor of Kansas and tax reform advocates argued in favor of lowering tax burdens to stimulate state economies during a panel discussion at the Heritage Foundation on Thursday.

Conservatives Demand Info on Obamacare Rollout Failure

Criticize lack of transparency from ‘most transparent administration in history’
Grover Norquist / AP

Conservative critics of Obamacare want to know how many people have actually purchased insurance through the president’s signature legislation following the glitch-ridden rollout of the Obamacare website last week.

Conservative Groups Call on House for Obamacare Mandate Delay

Seventeen organizations write letter to House encouraging them to pressure administration

A group of 17 conservative organizations wrote an open letter to members of the House of Representatives on Tuesday encouraging them to continue to try to delay the individual mandate.

House Divided

Conservatives slam comprehensive immigration reform
Rally for immigration reform on Capitol Hill / AP

Conservative groups on Monday criticized the comprehensive immigration reform bill making its way through the Senate, revealing divisions between conservative politicians and policy leaders on the issue.

Obama on His Heels

Column: How the president fell for the mandate myth

In January, pretty much all of respectable Washington had a sense of where President Barack Obama’s second term was headed. His approval ratings were sky high. His liberalism was pure and untroubled by thoughts of post-partisanship. His second-term agenda of immigration reform, gun control, climate change, and tax reform was clear. He would roll over the opposition. The dawn of a liberal age—a permanent majority, perhaps—was at hand. Stinking Republicans? Obama didn’t need them.