Reports: Russia Launches Electronic Warfare in Syria as Tensions Rise

Vladimir Putin

Russia is preparing to begin waging electronic warfare in Syria with the institution of jamming systems that are meant to prevent an incident similar to the attack on Tuesday that brought down a Russian plane in the war-torn region, according to reports by the Russian news media.

Moscow also will install in Syria a highly advanced missile system capable of shooting down aircraft from the ground.

Russia’s massive military buildup in the region comes as its forces begin to suffer casualties as a result of the country’s efforts to defend President Bashar al-Assad and combat Islamic State militants.

The Case for Permanent American Bases


In the now infamous press conference in Turkey last week, President Obama laid out his case against using American ground troops in Iraq and Syria. In the course of doing so, he tossed what he surely believed to be an argument-ending rhetorical grenade: the specter of “permanent occupation” as the necessary follow-on to American ground action.