Department of Transportation Cancels Stimulus Audits

Federal-aid highway program had been seen as susceptible to fraud

The top watchdog at the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced on Monday that it had terminated an investigation into oversight over improper stimulus payments to DOT contractors.

IG Demands Counting of Saved Jobs

Michigan agency criticized for only announcing jobs created by stimulus funds
Job fair / AP

The Energy Department’s inspector general criticized a Michigan nonprofit on Monday for running afoul of stimulus job reporting requirements by only reporting jobs that were created with stimulus money.

Obama Admin Fires Another Blank on Condom Study


A University of Puerto Rico researcher received a $667,999 grant as part of President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus for a study on an HIV intervention program designed for “young, heterosexual Latino couples.” The project, now listed as “completed” on the Recovery Act website, created 0.00 jobs.

Pump Up the Fraud

Company that received $1.3B stimulus contract in 2009 committed fraud from 1999 to 2008
Hanford nuclear waste cleanup / AP

A politically connected engineering company that received massive stimulus contracts has admitted workers committed widespread fraud under the encouragement of its executives while working on a major taxpayer-funded nuclear cleanup effort.