John Kerry’s Soccer Obsession is Undermining America

In bombshell interview, refers to soccer field as ‘football pitch’

Secretary of State John Kerry undermined the interests of the United States on Friday by discussing soccer in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Kerry’s affinity for the sport, which has deep ties to socialism, is no secret. He has been photographed on numerous occasions looking awkward while kicking a soccer ball in jeans:

State Dept Confirms: Iran Now Shipping Oil to Syria

Oil shipments may violate interim nuclear accord
Syrian President Bashar Assad, left, talks to government soldiers / AP

The State Department confirmed on Wednesday that Iran has been shipping crude oil to Syria for the past several months, behavior that some experts say is in direct violation of the interim nuclear accord signed last year with the Obama administration.

Kill Keystone, Kill People

Federal reports warn of dangers to human life, environment in rejecting pipeline project
An oil train exploded after it derailed in North Dakota / AP

A pair of reports released this week by federal agencies bolster arguments by supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline that the administration’s failure to approve the project would produce more and deadlier environmental disasters.