Iran, The New Yorker, and the Moral High Ground


Thugs, theocrats, and dictators, take note: among your most important strategic assets is the ability to persuade America’s liberal elites that your raw grabs for power and territory are insignificant, in moral terms, when compared to what they see as the U.S.’s own record of aggression and wrongdoing. Your position will be even stronger if you can get a critical mass of State Department diplomats, writers for the New Yorker, and members of Congress believing that your hand has been forced by U.S. policy. You started a nuclear weapons program/invaded a European country/claimed a huge chunk of the Pacific ocean for yourself because America drove you to it! You’re depraved on account you’re deprived.

RNC Seeks Documents on Hillary Aide’s Special Work Deal at State

Cheryl Mills on a State Department trip to Haiti / AP

The Republican National Committee filed a public records request on Friday for information about Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff’s simultaneous work at the State Department and in the private sector, including details on why this work arrangement was not previously disclosed by the agency.