Behold: The Clinton Empire

Look on their works, ye mighty, and despair
They're not in the politics business. They're in the empire business.  (AP)

This is what a global political empire looks like.

The Washington Examiner reports that Bill Clinton earned $48 million—from speeches and consulting deals—during his wife’s tenure as Secretary of State. A number of those speeches were funded by powerful business and political entities with a clear interest in influencing U.S. policy, yet the State Department did not object to any of them, despite policies intended to prevent ”potential or actual conflicts of interest.”

For example, the Examiner investigation found that Clinton made more than $2 million for a total of eight speeches in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. Much of the funding for the speeches came from wealthy investors with close ties to the governments in those countries.

How to Pad Your Resume Like a Pro, by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

We all know that Hillary Clinton is the most successful and influential female political leader of all time. We know this because Clinton and her supporters are constantly reminding us, and because her official resumes—via the White House, the State Department, PBS, and the Clinton Foundation—offer a case study in how to inflate one’s accomplishments with nonsense words. (The following is comprised almost entirely of direct quotes.)

John Kerry’s Soccer Obsession is Undermining America

In bombshell interview, refers to soccer field as ‘football pitch’

Secretary of State John Kerry undermined the interests of the United States on Friday by discussing soccer in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Kerry’s affinity for the sport, which has deep ties to socialism, is no secret. He has been photographed on numerous occasions looking awkward while kicking a soccer ball in jeans:

Kerry Talks Turkey

Secretary visits Ankara as Turkey pivots from West
Ankara, Turkey / AP

Secretary of State John Kerry’s first overseas trip will bring him to Turkey on Friday, a once-close Western ally that has pivoted from America and Israel toward Iran.

57 Varieties of Weakness

Noted anti-war protester testifies at secretary of state confirmation hearing

Sen. John Kerry’s (D., Mass.) confirmation hearing for his nomination to be secretary of state, the highest-ranking cabinet post, began this morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Still the Long Face


President Barack Obama’s secretary of state nominee Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.) went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for the beginning of his confirmation hearing this morning.

Kerry Nominated for
Secretary of State

Massachusetts Dem nominated after Susan Rice’s chances were torpedoed

President Barack Obama is expected to nominate failed presidential candidate and current Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry to be secretary of state, according to multiple news reports.

Oscar De la Renta: Wintour Is the New Hillary

Anna Wintour / AP

Amid speculation that President Barack Obama will reward major donor Anna Wintour with an ambassadorship, Oscar de la Renta dismissed those rumors in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. The designer suggested that Wintour would be better suited to be secretary of state.

An Affair to Remember

John Kerry Hearts Bashar al-Assad
Bashar al-Assad, Sen. John Kerry / AP

When Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) takes the stage tonight to deliver the Democratic National Convention’s keynote foreign policy address, viewers will be listening to a man who over the past decade has been the highest-ranking apologist for Syria’s Assad regime in American politics.