Report: Hillary Clinton’s State Department May Have Intervened to Protect a Pedophile


The Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that the State Department Inspector General’s office removed portions of a 2013 report that would have reflected poorly on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The omitted details, which were brought to light by whistleblower in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, concerned the efforts of Clinton’s security team to cover up alleged misconduct, including sexual abuse and pedophilia, by State Department staff.

Report: In Email Correspondence, Hillary Clinton Mixed Business with Personal


The Associated Press report that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also used an iPad to send emails from her private account. This appears to undermine Clinton’s initial explanation that her decision to use a private email server was motivated by her desire to carry a single device (a BlackBerry).

Emails obtained by the AP show that Clinton occasionally mixed up personal correspondence with work-related matters. For example, Clinton once responded to an email from senior aide Huma Abedin—relating to drone strikes in Pakistan—with a series of questions about interior decorating.