Chuck Hagel Is That Guy


Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is that guy. He’s the guy who is always calling to ask where the party is, but it’s only 2:30 p.m. on a Saturday and you just want to chill for a few hours before going out. Plus, Hagel is excruciatingly dull to hang out with, as evidenced by his underwater approval rating.

His two best friends—John and Barry—are insufferable bores who talk too much. Most of the time, you end up telling him what he wants to hear just to get him off your back, and then, later, ignore his frenzied phone calls when you inevitably don’t show up at the place where you agreed to meet him.

We’re Chucked

BREAKING: Senate confirms Hagel as SecDef 58-41
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The Senate voted along party lines on a stormy Tuesday evening to confirm the embattled former Republican Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel as the nation’s next secretary of defense, capping a turbulent months-long battle over the nominee’s controversial past.

Decision Point

Hagel confirmation vote looms despite myriad controversies

A sharply divided Senate is scheduled to cast a final vote on the contested nomination of secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel Tuesday, ending a months-long battle that has centered on the nominee’s controversial past statements.

Indian Embassy Takes Aim at Hagel

Spokesman for Indian embassy blasts 2011 Hagel comments as ‘contrary to the reality’

The Embassy of India chided secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel late Monday for suggesting in a previously unreleased 2011 speech that India has “for many years” sponsored terrorist activities against Pakistan in Afghanistan.

Graham Asks Hagel If He Said Israel Risks Becoming Apartheid State

Letter to Hagel: 'Have you said anything similar? Does this contemporaneous email reflect your views?'
Sen. Lindsey Graham / AP

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) sent a letter to secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel Wednesday asking whether he made disparaging comments about Israel during a speech at Rutgers law school on April 9, 2010.

Tales of the Tape

Video of 2011 speech at Cameron University available if Hagel signs off
Chuck Hagel / AP

The release of a videotaped speech delivered by embattled secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel at Cameron University in 2011 is contingent upon the former Nebraska senator’s written consent, according to university officials.

Hagel’s Millions

Fmr. Nebraska senator engaged in questionable business practices to earn cell phone millions
Sen. Hagel March 27, 2001 / AP

President Barack Obama’s defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel is worth as much $11 million, but the business practices that made him rich were once denounced by some of the Democrats now backing him.

Hagel’s Staff Fled in Droves

Hagel had second-highest staff turnover rate in the Senate

Defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel had the second-highest office turnover rate in the past ten years while serving as Nebraskan senator, according to the Washington Times.

Inside Hagel’s Meeting
with Jewish Leaders

Source: Hagel apologized for anti-Israel positions and walked back controversial views

Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel walked back and apologized for his most controversial foreign policy views during a meeting Friday with Jewish organizational leaders, according to sources with knowledge of the gathering.