Timing of Sanctions Relief May Be Deal Breaker as Iran Talks Resume

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif waits to make a statement next to U.S. Secretary of State Kerry following nuclear talks in Lausanne

VIENNA (Reuters) – The timing of sanctions relief is the sticking point in nuclear talks between Iran and the six major world powers this week in Vienna, where negotiations kicked off on Wednesday with a meeting between delegates from Tehran and the European Union.

State Department Won’t Rule Out $50 Billion ‘Signing Bonus’ For Iran

Hassan Rouhani

The State Department on Monday would not rule out giving Iran up to $50 billion as a so-called “signing bonus” for agreeing to a nuclear deal later this year, according to comments made to reporters following reports that the Obama administration had formulated a plan to release tens-of-billions of frozen Iranian funds.

Corker-Menendez Goes to Floor Over Opposition from WH, Lobby Groups

Bob Corker

A bill that would allow Congress to vote down sanctions relief for Iran based on a review of a final nuclear deal unanimously passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, despite heavy lobbying up to the last minute by senior Obama administration officials and allied advocacy groups.