U.S. Sanctions Top Al Qaeda Operatives Working in Iran

Barack Obama

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it has sanctioned “three al Qaeda senior members located in Iran” for funneling money and moving terrorist operative across the Middle East, according to an announcement by the Treasury Department.

Top Democrat: Obama Admin’s Pro-Iran Efforts Could Fuel Terrorism

Iran Air

A Democratic leader on the House Foreign Affairs Committee is demanding that the Obama administration end its efforts to help airline giant Boeing finalize a landmark deal to sell aircraft to Iran, warning that the sale is likely to benefit the Islamic Republic’s global terrorism campaign, according to communications obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Tensions Rise Over Granting Iran Access to U.S. Dollar

John Kerry

Treasury Department officials are moving to reassure Congress that Iran will not be granted access to U.S. financial markets following comments by top Obama administration officials suggesting such a plan was under consideration, according to correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and conversations with congressional sources.