Iran to Begin Construction on Two New Nuke Plants

Iran President Hassan Rouhani

The head of Iran’s atomic energy organization announced on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic, with assistance from Russia and China, will move forward on the construction of two new nuclear power plants, according to comments published in Iranian state-controlled media.

Obama Pardons 21 Iranians Convicted of Violating Sanctions

Barack Obama

The Obama administration confirmed late Sunday that it had delayed the imposition of new ballistic missile sanctions on Iran in order to ensure that the Islamic Republic released five imprisoned Americans under a secret agreement reached on the sidelines of the nuclear negotiations, according to senior administration officials.

Standard Nautical Malpractice


Let’s dispatch with the silliest argument I encountered this week about the treatment of American sailors by Iran’s Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, known widely as the IRGC: that, had the situation been reversed, we would have done basically the same thing to them. This is simply false. We are not at war with Iran. A naval vessel retains its sovereign immunity even if it is suffering from engine trouble or has inadvertently crossed into another nation’s territorial waters, both of which appear to have happened this week.

Israel to Closely Monitor Impact of Lifting Sanctions on Iran’s Military Posture

Hassan Rouhani

JERUSALEM—The lifting this weekend of economic sanctions that have been imposed on Iran since 2007 will see an estimated $100 billion in frozen funds begin to flow into Tehran’s coffers. Israel will be closely following the money to determine its impact on Iran’s military posture and on its assistance to militant entities on Israel’s borders such as Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.