White House Inconsistent on Petition Responses

Refuses to comment on German homeschooling family’s asylum petition because of pending lawsuit
Hannelore Romeike and daughter / AP

The White House refused to comment earlier this week on a petition to grant asylum to a German family that fled to the United States seeking religious freedom, despite responding to other petitions in similar circumstances.

Homeschoolers Seeking Religious Freedom to Appeal Asylum Rejection

German family seeking religious asylum in U.S. denied en banc review by 6th Circuit
Romeike family / AP

The German family seeking asylum in the United States because of religious persecution will appeal to the Supreme Court after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denied them an appellate hearing before the full court.

Deportation Suggests Ominous Shift in Family Policies

Panelists warn about restrictions on home schooling
Uwe Romeike teaching two of his children in 2009 / AP

Legal experts said the deportation of a family seeking asylum suggests the U.S. government is moving in the direction of denying parents the right to decide how their children are educated at a lecture Wednesday.

Asking for Freedom

Congressmen write letter to AG Holder asking he grant German family asylum
Romeike family / AP

A group of 27 congressmen have written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting that he grant a German family asylum after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denied them safe haven in the United States.

Protection Denied

Persecuted German family’s asylum application denied by Appellate Court
Romeike family / AP

A Christian family that fled Germany in order to homeschool their children according to their faith was denied asylum on Tuesday by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

A Miscarriage of Justice

Obama administration seeking to deport Christian homeschooling family
The Romeike family / AP

The Obama administration is attempting to deport a German family that came to America seeking asylum from a Nazi-era law that prohibits homeschooling.