Study: Right to Work States Booming, Forced Unionization States Busting

Right to Work states’ share of manufacturing grew from 36 percent to 52 percent between 2002 and 2012

Right to work laws have led to skyrocketing manufacturing growth in the auto industry, according to a new study.

The National Institute of Labors Relations Research, an employment policy think tank, found that the auto industry’s flight from coercive unionization has produced a boom in right to work states, such as Tennessee. The institute traced federal labor statistics from 2002 to 2010 and discovered a dramatic shift in where the nation’s cars are being built.

UAW Loses at VW

Tennessee workers reject recruitment bid by UAW

Workers at a Tennessee automobile plant rejected the United Auto Workers union’s bid to break into the right-to-work state on Friday.

Right to Vote

Right-to-work advocates celebrate secret ballot election on unionization at Tennessee VW plant

A Tennessee Volkswagen manufacturing plant will hold a historic secret ballot election later this month to determine whether workers in the right-to-work state will join the Detroit-based United Auto Workers (UAW) union.

A Reluctant Union Member Fights Back

Feature: A mother caring for her daughter fights against forced unionization

Susie Watts has paid Service Employees International Union (SEIU) more than $5,000 over the past eight years for representation she never asked for and does not need.

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Forced Unionization

At question is law requiring home healthcare workers to pay SEIU dues

The Supreme Court will hear arguments about forced unionization among government workers on Tuesday in a case that could greatly curtail powerful labor groups.

Transparency for Thee, None for Me

Dark Money Liberal Groups ProgressNow and CMD Attack Conservative Org Over Transparency
ProgressOhio director Brian Rothenberg, left, and former Ohio Rep. Dennis Murray, right. / AP

A state affiliate of a network of liberal groups that does not disclose its donors attacked a network of state-based conservative groups on Wednesday for an alleged lack of transparency.