Sunday Show Roundup

Detroit files for bankruptcy, as speculation grows over the possibility of a federal bailout
George Stephanopoulos, Dave Bing

After becoming the largest city to file for bankruptcy, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing (D) said his city will bounce back and that many other urban cities are facing similar woes. Additionally, the mayor left open the possibility of a federal bailout.

Fight for Your Right to Work

Right to work comes to Michigan
Lansing, Mich. State House / AP

Michigan will become the nation’s 24th right-to-work state Thursday, giving workers the ability to opt out of forced unionism for the first time.

The Keystone to Bringing Jobs
Back to PA

Right-to-work legislation introduced in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Capitol / AP

Six GOP lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a proposal to make the “Keystone State” the nation’s 25th right-to-work state.

How Right to Work Works

Slow implementation of law gives Michigan time to adjust, makes benefits apparent
Michigan right-to-work protest / AP

Michigan workers will have to wait until at least April to opt out of forced unionism, but one of the chief architects of the state’s right-to-work movement said the benefits will soon become apparent.

The Recall Recoil

Michigan recall election reforms may help sustain right-to-work law

Republicans in Michigan capped off a prolific lame duck session that included turning the home of the United Auto Workers into a right-to-work state by passing recall reforms.

Rusty Dominos

Michigan’s adoption of right-to-work legislation may spark chain reaction

Michigan’s adoption of right-to-work reforms could have a domino effect in the heavily unionized Rust Belt, according to political observers across the region.

Meet the Man who is Trying to Save Michigan

GOP governor Rick Snyder passed conservative reforms, signs right-to-work legislation in union stronghold
Rick Snyder / AP

Michigan businessman Rick Snyder took right-to-work proposals off the table when seeking the Republican nomination for governor in 2009.