Nork Threat Grows

Expert claims North Korea ‘either has or soon will have’ a nuclear ICBM
A missile launcher drives down a street in Beijing, China / AP

North Korea is on the verge of obtaining a ballistic missile made by China that can reach Alaska, a senior nuclear analyst told government and military officials Friday morning during a discussion about China’s nuclear prowess.

Riding the Nuclear Rails

China developing rail mobile strategic missiles
Gertz photo 1

China is building strategic long-range missile trains as part of its major nuclear forces buildup, according to new information from China and U.S. strategic specialists.

The Warhead Gap

China’s tactical and theater nuclear force levels revealed by Russian general
AP Images

China has nearly 750 theater and tactical nuclear warheads in addition to more than 200 strategic missile warheads, a stockpile far larger than U.S. estimates, according to a retired Russian general who once led Moscow’s strategic forces.

U.S. Investigating White House Cyber Attack

Officials: President Obama was not informed at the time the White House Military Office hack was discovered
AP Images

Law enforcement and national security agencies are investigating the hacking of a White House computer last month that penetrated a network inside the White House Military Office that handles top-secret data, U.S. officials said.

Beijing’s Kim Connection

Photos show Chinese mobile launcher for new North Korean ICBM, prompting calls for arms sanctions on Beijing

A new North Korean mobile missile recently made public is built on a transporter-launcher nearly identical to a Chinese mobile launcher, according to U.S. officials and private analysts.