Rahm Emanuel Extends Olive Branch to Unions

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is making amends for his past conflicts with union groups by inviting major labor leaders in the city to discuss economic strategies for resolving its $30 billion pension crisis.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women

The critic James Wolcott is peeved. “Mitt Romney’s fateful decision this January not to pursue the presidency for a third futile time deprives those of us in the bleachers of a rare-ish opportunity to watch a representative of the 1 percent in plastic action,” he writes in Vanity Fair’s April “special issue” on “the age of money.” There are few chances, Wolcott avers, to observe in public a member of the financial and social caste that rules America. “It is not often we get to study how a scion moves, behaves, and simulates reflective thought under changeable conditions.”

A Tale of Two Vanity Projects

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ability to bring major construction projects to Chicago has won over private sector unions and the business community even as he hemorrhages support from government unions disappointed with his budget reforms. No projects could prove more important to his reelection than the Obama Presidential Library and George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. These vanity projects from two beloved celebrities promise to deliver billions in growth, millions in tax revenue, and thousands of jobs.

Chasing Hillary

Among Democrats who hope Hillary Clinton doesn’t run—and their number is larger than one might think—the complaints are familiar. Age and stamina are the obvious considerations. “Look at Obama’s hair color, just like George Bush’s,” says a prominent Washington insider. “Somebody who’s seventy shouldn’t be president. And I think that’s going to be an interesting issue against her, but who in the Democratic Party is going to have the guts to take on that machine?” A former Clinton campaign adviser is equally blunt. “This is gonna sound superficial”—which is an understatement—“but men do age better than women,” he says. “At seventy she’s not gonna be—it’s not gonna be great.”