Mayor Sues as Students Lose

Update: Court declines to act
CTU Strike / AP

As the Chicago Teacher Union’s strike enters its second week, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has launched a suit to end the strike and return students to the classroom.

A Rahm and a Hard Place

Obama stuck in the middle of Emanuel, Chicago Teachers Union fight
Emanuel, Duncan, Obama, Lewis

As the Chicago Teachers Union strike enters its fourth day, President Obama finds himself stuck in the middle of the unfolding contract battle between the city and the labor union.

Meet Rahm’s Arch Nemesis

Earlier this week, former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was forced to end his brief stint as fundraiser for the President’s Super PAC after the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) went on strike.

Chicago Nope

350,000 kids abandoned as Chicago teachers' strike continues
AP Images

Negotiations continued Tuesday between Chicago city officials and the striking Chicago Teachers Union, as 350,000 Chicago children did not have school for a second day.

The Truants

Emanuel suspends Super PAC fundraising and Obama remains silent as Chicago teachers strike

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has suspended his efforts to fundraise for the Obama-affiliated Super PAC, Priorities USA, as Chicago teachers strike.

Rahm Solicits Cash while Chicago Bleeds

Rahm Emanuel / AP

Chicago Mayor and former Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama Rahm Emanuel is on the ground in Charlotte and trolling for secret super PAC cash in support of the president’s reelection campaign, according to a report in the Washington Post.

Rahm’s Ruined City

Chicago sees rise in violence, unemployment, cronyism, and debt as Emanuel takes DNC stage
Rahm Emanuel / AP

Democrats are looking to mayors to make their case to the country, but the mayor closest to the Obama White House is having plenty of trouble in his own city.

Solyndra email: ‘POTUS involvement was Rahm’s idea’

Email contradicts former chief of staff's previous statements
Rahm Emanuel / AP

Chicago mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel repeatedly claimed he had no memory of the Obama administration’s controversial $535 million loan to failed solar company Solyndra, but White House emails released Thursday say it was Emanuel’s idea for the administration to tout the doomed firm.