Taxpayer-Supported Bad Basketball


I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with Rahmbo spending taxpayer money on a basketball stadium if he had the sense to direct the money to a program that, you know, actually won games.

Gutting Pensions to Spite Guns

Chicago hurting pensions to prove political point

Several of the nation’s most imperiled pension funds have cut off investments to profitable weapons manufacturers in the midst of the controversial gun control debate.

Cruz to Rahm: Don’t mess with Texas

Senator invites banks, gun companies to leave Chicago, flee Rahm’s gun-control crusade

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) has a message for firearms manufacturers and banks under attack from Chicago Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Texas welcomes you.

Mayor Sues as Students Lose

Update: Court declines to act
CTU Strike / AP

As the Chicago Teacher Union’s strike enters its second week, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has launched a suit to end the strike and return students to the classroom.

A Rahm and a Hard Place

Obama stuck in the middle of Emanuel, Chicago Teachers Union fight
Emanuel, Duncan, Obama, Lewis

As the Chicago Teachers Union strike enters its fourth day, President Obama finds himself stuck in the middle of the unfolding contract battle between the city and the labor union.