Rahm Emanuel’s Cuban Vacation

Rahm Emanuel

No doubt you, too, spent the holidays relishing the humiliation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the overrated and obnoxious Democratic Party hack who, finally, is teetering on the brink of political oblivion. How the former ballet dancer and Sarah Lawrence alumnus parlayed ambition and drive and the ability to scream like a lunatic into high office and a fortune of more than $10 million is one of the remarkable political stories of our time. “Emanuel has succeeded in almost every professional endeavor he has undertaken,” Ryan Lizza wrote approvingly in 2009. Spoke too soon.

Rahm Emanuel Extends Olive Branch to Unions

Rahm Emanuel / AP

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is making amends for his past conflicts with union groups by inviting major labor leaders in the city to discuss economic strategies for resolving its $30 billion pension crisis.