Civil Disobedience

Victor Valley Shooters owner Jay Stedt at his store in Victorville, Calif., in December. (AP)

There are a lot of things to dislike about a planned march on Washington, D.C., in which gun owners will openly carry firearms. Primary among them is the fact that it’s being organized by a 9/11 Truther. Secondary among them is that the last thing the gun rights movement needs right now is a messy incident on the footsteps of the Capitol. However, someone should explain to D.C.’s chief cop that the march is a textbook example of civil disobedience:

Youth Revolt

CHARLOTTE—More than 120 protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement turned up outside of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) calling for the arrest of President Barack Obama. The crowd consisted mainly of disaffected young voters who had eagerly cast their ballots for Obama in 2008.