The Police’s Place in a Lasting Peace

New York City Police Department officers and other first responders work the scene after an attempted terror attack in a passageway linking the Port Authority Bus Terminal with the subway

America’s multi-decade crime decline, according to Uneasy Peace author Patrick Sharkey, was not caused by Roe v. Wade or leaded gasoline bans, but by civil society. Sharkey’s new book is an exploration of how the New York University sociologist thinks the crime decline happened, and how it can be preserved. But his solution, while more inspired than some, suffers ultimately from an infection of liberalism that threatens the very civil society he extols in the first place.

Al Qaeda Operative Files Lawsuit Claiming Rights Being Violated in Federal Prison

An al Qaeda operative who was convicted of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound plane with a bomb sewed into his underwear has filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others, alleging his constitutional rights are being violated at a supermax federal prison in Colorado.