Obama’s ‘Political Nonprofit’ Funded by Major Democratic Donors

OFA donor overlap with Democratic party explains group's fundraising 'time-out'

In the wake of the decision by President Obama’s political nonprofit group Organizing for Action to put a timeout on fundraising for midterm elections, campaign finance watchdog groups have taken a deep dive into the group’s fundraising to find out who has been fundraising the group.

EXCLUSIVE: Creepy Uncle Sam Responds To Jim Messina

Uncle Sam

Just a few hours after I wrote about the Jim Messina fundraising email in which the Democratic consultant says he hates tailgating, coeds ,and fun, I received an email from someone I met through my travels.

Creepy Uncle Sam and I were introduced at Gen Opp’s Notre Dame tailgate back in November where we played a round of slap the bag with a handful of Domer fans. I’ve kept tabs on him in case he ever intends to educate Auburn fans on opting out of Obamacare. Once he got a hand on my post, Creepy Uncle Sam got worked up in such a tizzy that he shot me a charged response he wants me to share on this here Blog.

Without further ado:

Jim Messina Hates Tailgates, Fun

Jim: kids act this way off Koch/big10tens Instagram

The hate has been flowing especially strong lately from the Democrats and I don’t know why. I mean, they finally finagled six million enrollees and Monday’s Obamacare deadline has been pushed back. This should be a time for celebration.

Yet, anyone with the letter “D” attached to their name is getting in their toast for the Dem’s year-long Playa Hater’s Ball. This year’s theme: targeting libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch. They hate you, and only you!

Jim Messina took his crack at the Kochs today in a fundraising email. Messina’s hate was intriguing in that he directed it towards the completely innocent and legit Generation Opportunity “Opt Out” tailgate tour. What has Jim Messina against fun?

The Rainmakers

Column: Where would Democrats be without Charles and David Koch?
Charles and David Koch

Beleaguered, adrift, defensive, angry, eager to escape from attacks on Obamacare, President Obama and his allies have a secret weapon with which to rally their base. This voice-activated device is incredibly easy to use. One need only utter the words “Koch brothers,” and the financial apparatus of the Democratic Party begins to whir.