BOOM: The Left’s Favorite Talking Point Disproved by Science


The Democratic Party’s obsession with income inequality and “the one percent” is misguided, science has found.

Over the weekend, leading academic professor Mark R. Rank discussed the findings of a recent scientific study on income inequality in the New York Times. It turns out that, according to scientific data, the Left’s horror stories about a rigid class structure in the United States fueled by nefarious, wealth-hoarding one-percenters is false.

Occupy’s Millionaire Lobbyist Friend

Roanoke branch of activist group protests for Democratic gubernatorial candidate
Terry McAuliffe / AP

The gubernatorial campaign of Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe recruited local “Occupy” demonstrators to protest a campaign event by his Republican opponent on Monday, but only about ten protesters showed up.


Tens of protesters mark one-year anniversary of Occupy DC
Occupy protesters gathered in McPherson Square

One year to the day after it initiated its occupation of McPherson Square, Occupy D.C. returned in minuscule numbers to the park it left barren and muddy.

The Real Elizabeth Warren

Five Extreme Things the Professor Won’t Mention in Her DNC Speech
Elizabeth Warren / AP

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has a number of skeletons in her closet, including close links to radical left-wing pressure groups and a record of helping corporate interests suppress asbestos liability lawsuits.

We ARRRR the 99 Percent

Drum circle ahoy!

Some members of the moribund Occupy Wall Street movement have left behind their land-loving brethren and taken to the sea, dubbing themselves “occu-pirates.”