Medicare Cuts, Obamacare Prompt Hospital Layoffs

More than a dozen hospitals cutting jobs, patient services

Many hospitals are slashing jobs and cutting patient services citing Medicare cuts, the difficult health care landscape, and the Affordable Care Act as the reasons behind their decision.

U.S. Sells GM Shares, Still Slated to Lose Billions on Bailout

GM logo

The Treasury Department announced the sale of $811 million worth of General Motors (GM) stock in August, while the Canadian government shed 30 million shares in September.

The government retains an estimated 186 million shares of GM stock, according to the Associated Press. Those remaining shares are only worth $6.77 billion at GM’s current $36.40 stock value, less than half of what is needed to cover the $14.1 billion the company owes the United States.

Judge: Strippers Should Earn Minimum Wage

Dancers should not be classified as independent contractors

A New York City judge has awarded strippers the right to a minimum wage for dancing on stage in minimum clothing.

Labor Unions Turning on Democrats

Criticism mounts as labor continues to be ignored by President Obama
AFL-CIO Presidet Richard Trumka with President Barack Obama / AP

Healthcare reform and a flurry of Obama administration regulations have caused internal divisions within the labor movement and led one of the Democratic Party’s biggest supporters to publicly rebuke the president.

Obama Appointee Says Obama’s Policies Have Stalled Economy

Income inequality up as a result of ‘policies we’re pursuing to jumpstart the economy’
White House / AP

An Obama appointee and the CEO of Pacific Investment told a crowd at the National Press Club that Obama’s economic policies have fostered income inequality and that political squabbling is stalling economic recovery.