NLRB to Employers: Go to Hell


Bosses should be wary of punishing profane and insubordinate employees, according to one prominent law firm.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a federal labor arbiter that oversees employee relations and union elections, has issued a series of rulings in recent years protecting insubordinate employees. Cursing out one’s boss may violate social norms and common sense, but the agency says it can also be construed as protected activity.

Fight for the Right to Franchise


Hundreds of small business owners flocked to Capitol Hill on Wednesday urging lawmakers to address labor regulations that could disrupt nearly 800,000 businesses.

The 350 entrepreneurs represented a diverse slice of the U.S. economy, including plumbers, yogurt storeowners, and automotive repairman. The only common denominator between them was their affiliation with franchising—the system in which entrepreneurs pay corporations to operate under their brand while taking independent control of day-to-day operations and local profits.