USA Today Badly Misquotes Tom Brady

USA Today took comments made by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady out of context in an attempt to make it seem as though he was criticizing teammates who have said they would not join the team for its White House visit.

NFL Divisional Round Picks, with Pictures

Over the summer I attended a concert by a mediocre 90s band and was asked by its lead singer whether I believed in science. At the time, I did.

But then I lived through the NFL’s wild card weekend and witnessed the clearest evidence to date indicating that we are living in a post-science era of world history.

NFL Wild Card Picks, With Pictures

At the beginning of this NFL season I announced that I was no longer going to partake in football betting as a scientific experiment.

NFL Week 17 Picks, with Fishing

I grew up in New York City and only went fishing once or twice as a kid, without ever catching a fish. Then I read Matthew Walther’s review of Fishing with Roland Martin and was convinced to give the show a chance. Watching the veteran angler wield his rod like a Jedi wields his lightsaber permanently changed my …

NFL Week 15 Picks, Featuring Antje Utgaard

The season is fast-approaching its close and we will soon be without an abundance of football to watch every week. This weekend we are lucky to have 15 games, including one on Saturday night, so I am going as big as possible. Here are my eight picks for week 15, with model Antje Utgaard: Miami Dolphins AT New York Jets …