Mexican Oligarch Looks to Up Stake in New York Times

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim speaks during the presentation of a digital platform, which was created in partnership with the Carlos Slim Foundation

MEXICO CITY/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Mexican telecoms billionaire Carlos Slim says he could exercise stock warrants in The New York Times Co which expire early next year, a move that would more than double his stake in the media company.

New York Times Forced to Correct Anti-Israel Editorial

Editorial board errs on claim that Netanyahu was silent on murder of teen
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  / AP

The New York Times has issued a correction to its claim that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took days to condemn the murder of Arab teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, when he actually responded immediately to what he called “the abominable murder.”

Hillary to New York Times: Back Off

Inside the secret summit between Team Hillary and the New York Times
Hillary People cover

Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides blasted the New York Times for what they said was unfair coverage of the former first lady during a recent secret meeting with the paper’s Washington bureau, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Even the New York Times …

... hated Obama's foreign policy speech

Whenever President Obama does something that is universally panned, such as his foreign policy speech/commencement address at West Point on Wednesday, he can typically count on the New York Times editorial board to have his back. Not this time.

“The address did not match the hype, was largely uninspiring, lacked strategic sweep and is unlikely to quiet his detractors, on the right or the left,” the Times’ editors wrote. “This was far from Mr. Obama’s big moment.”

The board did its best to highlight the good parts of the speech—“Mr. Obama did make a strong case on the use of force”—before unloading on the rest: