Iran Threatens U.S. Navy with ‘Suicide Missions’

Suicide attacks, drones, missiles aimed at U.S.
Iranian navy personnel  / AP

A top Iranian naval commander said that he is prepared to order suicide attacks, drone strikes, and missile technology to “destroy the U.S. Navy” in any upcoming confrontation, according to an interview printed in Iran’s state-run media.

Healing the ‘Invisible Wound’

Feature: Veterans Honor Military Suicide Victims on National Mall
Source: Elizabeth Harrington

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dar Place was two feet away when his friend and fellow soldier took his own life during the Gulf War. Two decades later, like so many other veterans, Place is still haunted by the plague of suicide in the military.

Anchors Aweigh

FEATURE: These Naval Academy Grads Get to Choose Their Own Assignments

On a cold Thursday in Annapolis, Md., 243 Naval Academy students, who will become surface warfare officers (SWOs) when they graduate in May, packed tightly into an auditorium, surrounded by admirals, captains, family, and friends. They were there for ship selection night.

Catholic Priest Target of Retaliation by Feds, Complaint Claims

Priest’s contract voided following filing of lawsuit
A catholic Navy chaplain gives communion to a L.T. j.g. / AP

A Catholic Navy chaplain barred from practicing his religion during the recent government shutdown is now the target of retaliation by the federal government, according to an amended complaint filed by his attorneys.

China Defense Ministry Confirms Naval Confrontation

Beijing sends mixed messages on warship encounter in South China Sea
Sailors working on the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning / AP

China’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday made its first official comments confirming the naval confrontation between a U.S. warship and a Chinese naval vessel during a tense standoff in the South China Sea.

Budget Deal Leaves Intact Vast Majority of Sequester Cuts

Military still faces billions in unfunded costs, pension cuts

The recent budget deal proposed in Congress provides modest relief for a Department of Defense (DOD) that still faces hundreds of billions in unfunded costs and a shrinking, less prepared military.