Warren’s Lineage Debunked Again


William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection breaks down the many failings in the liberal Boston Globe’s 3,000-word article Sunday attempting to justify Elizabeth Warren’s presumably fraudulent claim to Native American heritage.

More Doubt Cast on Warren’s Claims

Massachusetts Democratic candidate for Senate Elizabeth Warren did not identify her “Aunt Bea” as a Native American when Warren informed the state of Oklahoma of Aunt Bea’s death. This, despite Warren’s claim that Aunt Bea was the relative who told Warren of her proud Native American heritage, based on Bea’s father’s “high cheekbones.”

Warren Fails on Damage Control

Democrats Say Warren Badly Damaged Her Campaign

Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren sent out an email to supporters this week trying to explain the Native American controversy engulfing her campaign.

Warren’s Snowed ‘Globe’

Questions raised over Boston Globe reporting on Massachusetts Democrat’s law school application

The campaign of Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren may have leaked previously unavailable documents to the Boston Globe in order to defuse the growing controversy over her claim to American Indian ancestry, according to correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Indian Burn

Liz Warren Snubs Boston Reporter

Elizabeth Warren staged a hasty getaway Saturday after a campaign event, snubbing a team of Boston Herald reporters trying to ask her a question—and it was all caught on video.

Pow Wow Plagiarist

Breitbart reports that minority Harvard professor and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) may have plagiarized her portion of her cousin’s 1984 cookbook Pow Wow Chow.