On the Rocks

Did you hear that Mick Jagger and wife or girlfriend number-I’m-not-sure had a little boy? At age 73, he’s still a little more than a quarter-century shy of the Abrahamic hundred attested by Genesis 21:5—a record likely to stand for a long while, I would guess—but still, kudos. According to the Daily Star, he has promised to pay £14,000 (an oddly specific figure, no?) in child support and buy “a multi-million dollar home” for Melanie Hamrick and his eighth child.

‘Let’s Play It Fast’

Maybe the secret to a good life is being good at more than one thing. Having another string to your bow, as they used to say. Oh, and having money, too, probably helps: just enough that income isn’t your first thought when pursuing an interest. But, really, the older I get—the wider my acquaintance grows and the more obituaries I read—the more I think that the enjoyable lives are the ones neither focused too narrowly nor scattered too broadly. Happiness is a fickle, unlikely thing, of course. Ain’t no one but the Shadow knows what really passes in the heart. Still, the fun lives, the ones I find myself admiring and envying, seem to share a shape—a common pattern across their differences. And that shape usually involves a mild multiplicity and a fine interest in the variances of the world.