Stalled Bill to Combat Middle East Violence Sparks Intra-Party Fight

Republicans hold bill that would protect religious minorities
Syrian and Iraqi Christians

The battle over a long-stalled, yet widely supported congressional effort to combat the persecution of religious minorities in the Middle East has pitted leading Republicans against one another and stirred outrage from advocacy groups who are frustrated that lawmakers are foiling efforts that could help stem the bloodshed.

Mike Lee: GOP Should Focus on Working-Class Americans

Lee has introduced bills that would help working-class families
Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) / AP

Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) has become a one-man policy shop for Republicans on Capitol Hill, steering the party toward an agenda focused on working-class Americans ahead of elections this fall and in 2016.

Dems Kill Key Pro-Israel bill to Appease White House on Iran

Pull pro-Israel bill over Iran oversight language

The fallout from a rushed, late night decision by a leading Democrat to scuttle key pro-Israel legislation in a bid to appease the Obama administration threatens to complicate efforts by Democrats to hold on to the Senate, according to sources on Capitol Hill and in the pro-Israel community.

Republicans Blocking Bill to Combat Christian Violence

Two Republican senators hold a bill to fight slaughter in the Middle East
Syrian and Iraqi Christians

Two leading Republican senators are under fire from religious groups for blocking a widely supported bill that would help combat the slaughter of Christian minorities across the Middle East, according to multiple sources familiar with the legislation.

Sunday Show Roundup

Cruz and Lee continue their push to defund Obamacare
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee / AP

Leaders of the effort to defund the health care law pointed to Friday’s vote to defund Obamacare as a legislative victory and provided additional insight into their plan if the legislation does not succeed in the Senate on Sunday.