How to Pad Your Resume Like a Pro, by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

We all know that Hillary Clinton is the most successful and influential female political leader of all time. We know this because Clinton and her supporters are constantly reminding us, and because her official resumes—via the White House, the State Department, PBS, and the Clinton Foundation—offer a case study in how to inflate one’s accomplishments with nonsense words. (The following is comprised almost entirely of direct quotes.)

Iran’s Military Shows Off Missiles Promising ‘Death to America’

Provocative display comes ahead of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani’s U.N. visit
Shalamcheh, an Iranian-made air defense system is showcased / AP

Iran held a large-scale military demonstration over the weekend, parading ballistic missiles and other weapons that were painted with the slogans, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” according to regional reports.