Congresswoman Gabbard: ‘There Was No Plan after Plan’ for Libya

The Middle East is a mess right now, in part because of actions by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. The United States has closed embassies in Somalia, Syria, and Lybia, and could be shutting down the embassy in Yemen. When President Obama and Secretary Clinton issued orders to send tomahawk missiles to Libya to help take out Gadafi, there was …

Report: Christian Persecution Reaches New Levels, Worse to Come

Christian church in Lebanon / AP

Christian persecution across the globe has reached a new high in modern times and the worse may be yet to come, according to a report from the Christian watchdog group Open Doors. The group issued their latest World Watch List, which ranks countries based on their hostility to christians, yesterday. They said their research indicated worldwide persecution of Christians was particularly rampant last year and only increasing.