David Brock: I Don’t Refer to What the Washington Free Beacon Does as ‘Reporting’

David Brock

In a revealing, wide-ranging user-coordinated interview with members of the Reddit community, David Brock, the CEO of Media Matters and director of the pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Correct the Record, criticized the Washington Free Beacon, urged readers to continue subscribing to the New York Times, and praised Clinton as a “trailblazer” on Monday.

Free Beacon Comics Presents: Media Matters!

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Media Matters! is the story of truth titans David Brock and Eric Boehlert, the big boys at Media Matters for America. They’re not happy with the right-wing New York Times and its mean, immoral coverage of Hillary Clinton, who has never done anything wrong. They have dedicated their lives to exposing this conspiracy. The dialogue in these comics consist (almost) entirely of direct quotes from the heroes themselves. For more comics, see here.