MMFA Brass Caves to Union-Seeking Employees

Pro-Clinton website’s management to stay neutral in unionization campaign

After months of negotiations and charges of hypocrisy, Media Matters for America will finally live up to its commitment to Big Labor and hold a union election.

Elite Liberals Need to Check Their Privilege

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There are many great privileges that come with being a member of the liberal elite. Elite liberals, however, would rather not acknowledge these privileges, especially when they doing so would expose them as massive hypocrites. But eventually, they get exposed.

Here’s a list of some of the elite liberal privileges that could use a good checking:

Security Tight at Secretive Democracy Alliance Meeting

Billionaires and millionaires rub elbows behind closed doors with Democratic pols and progressive foundations
The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

Democrats have long railed against the lack of transparency in political funding, but security was airtight this week as a hush-hush network of progressive moneymen and activists held a closed-door conference to map out their plan to shift U.S. policy to the left.

MMFA Employees Cry Foul

Union-backed liberal attack site stymies employee efforts to unionize

Media Matters employees say their leaders betrayed them by failing to recognize their attempts to unionize.

SEIU Local 500, the Maryland union that claims to have obtained the necessary signatures to organize the liberal giant, released a statement from the Media Matters Organizing Committee on Monday about employee frustration.

Card Check for Thee, Not Me

Labor-funded Media Matters for America forces secret ballot election in unionization drive
Media Matters SEIU

Despite huge donations from the Service Employees International Union and numerous blog posts advocating for unionization in other industries, Media Matters for America is actively resisting allowing its workers to join the union.

A Chilling Effect

N.Y. comptroller trying to force disclosure of political spending by corporations to cut off funding for conservatives
Thomas DiNapoli / AP

New York state is quickly becoming ground zero in the fight over free speech and corporate political spending as a top state official with ties to left-wing campaign finance reform groups attempts to pressure private companies into making their political contributions public.