Cutter: I Love Cheese

Stephanie Cutter / AP

Former Obama for America deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter appeared on a special web edition of “This Week” with George Stephanopoulus yesterday.

More Taxpayer Funds Wasted
on Solar Company

Dept. of Labor grants additional $400K to laid off Evergreen Solar employees
Evergreen Solar panels / AP

A bankrupt Massachusetts solar company that received more than $30 million in state funds is still costing taxpayers money in the form of special unemployment assistance from the Department of Labor, according to a Wednesday press release.

The Northern Strategy

Mass. Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei practices new winning GOP formula in the Northeast
Tisei / WC

Republican Massachusetts Sixth District congressional candidate Richard Tisei, an openly gay, fiscally conservative, and socially moderate former state Senate minority leader, is running against entrenched Democratic Rep. John Tierney with a new, exciting brand of Republicanism—and he thinks his style might just be the future of the northeastern GOP.

Bipartisan Brown

Dems donate to Scott Brown, take credit for his ideas
Sen. Scott Brown / AP

Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is burnishing his bipartisan credentials by receiving increased financial support from top Democratic donors, while the 2012 Democratic National Platform is taking credit for his signature piece of legislation.