O’Malley Ignores Prison Scandal in Speech

Potential 2016 Democratic presidential nominee ducks systematic corruption in state prison
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D.) / AP

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley trumpeted his economic and law enforcement policies during a speech to the influential liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund on Thursday, while avoiding any mention of a Baltimore detention center controversy that has dogged his administration since April.

Dukakis Redux

Democrat Martin O’Malley faces criticism for massive prison scandal in Maryland
Maryland Correctional Institute-Hagerstown / AP

A recent Maryland prison scandal could become a major obstacle for Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley if he decides to run for president in 2016, his critics say.

A Tough Sell

HHS stages multimillion-dollar PR campaign to promote Obamacare
Kathleen Sebelius / AP

The federal agency charged with implementing the Affordable Care Act announced a multimillion-dollar public relations contract last week in order to convince people to join the program and keep it from collapsing, critics claimed.

Big Labor’s Man in Washington

Labor secretary nominee worked hard for unions in Maryland
Obama, Thomas Perez / AP

Maryland political observers say President Barack Obama’s labor secretary nominee Thomas Perez will tilt the balance of labor relations to organized labor’s favor.

Beretta Exec Likens Gun Ban
to Book Ban

Warns company may leave Maryland over O’Malley bill
Maryland gun control protest at Capitol / AP

Beretta USA, one of the nation’s largest firearms manufacturers, compared a Maryland gun-control bill to a book ban Friday and warned it may consider leaving the state if the legislation passes.

Progressive Defends Killer in Court

Insurance Company owned by Liberal Billionaire Defended Woman's Killer in Court
Peter Lewis

New York City comedian Matt Fisher wrote in a recent blogpost that Progressive Insurance, owned by liberal billionaire donor Peter Lewis, has gone to “staggering lengths to avoid paying out a policy on his late sister, including using its own lawyers to defend her killer in court.”

Obama Bundler, MD Gov Defends Job Losses

'Millionaire's Tax' sent up to 40,000 jobs out of the state

Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley is now touting the state’s 1,200 job losses in 2012 as a strength in the face of a damning report tying tax increases to major job losses.