Analysis: O’Malley Supports Starvation of Non-Workers

'It's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him.' (AP)

I had better things to do* last night than watch the Democratic town hall, so I skipped it. I was intrigued to discover, though, that Martin O’Malley had decided to separate himself from the pack—currently comprised of a non-entity (him), a socialist (Bernie Sanders), and a ruthless pragmatist who believes you were made to be ruled (Clinton)—by calling for Darwinian natural selection to take place amongst the lower classes in order to weed out those who are unfit to survive.

Among the Believers

Illustration by Gary Locke

I paid someone to shave me on my first morning as a Democratic activist. It was expensive, but very pleasant. The barber didn’t take debit cards, so I had to run to an ATM in order to pay him. When I returned wheezing in my well-chosen tweed and lavender cashmere sweater combo—I thought hard about my outfit that day—I apologized. “No problem,” he said. “Happy to wait. You look so handsome.”