State Dept. Backtracks After Kerry Suggests New Iran Sanctions Needed

Kerry told group of Jewish lawmakers administration is open to new sanctions bill
Hassan Rouhani

Lawmakers came out swinging on Thursday afternoon after the State Department issued a blanket denial regarding statements that Secretary of State John Kerry made to members of Congress earlier that morning about the potential need for new sanctions on Iran.

Congress, AIPAC Seeking to Resurrect Iran Sanctions Bill

Source: Stalled sanctions bill may make a comeback with AIPAC support
Hassan Rouhani

The nation’s leading pro-Israel lobbying group is considering backing new efforts in Congress to pass tighter sanctions on Iran, according to Senate insiders familiar with the issue.

Senate Insiders: Obama Admin Lying About Bid to Kill Iran Sanctions

Source: Top Treasury, White House officials tried to dismantle sanctions law
Treasury Under Secretary David Cohen / AP

Senate insiders say that senior Treasury Department officials have been lying for years about their backroom efforts to oppose and dismantle Iran sanctions legislation that ultimately forced Tehran to the bargaining table over its illicit nuclear program.

Senators: Iran-Russia Trade Deal Opens Floodgates for Nuke Materials, Weapons

Experts, lawmakers warn $20B trade deal violates nuke deal
Russian S-300 air defense missile system / AP

Iran and Russia’s recently announced $20 billion oil-for-goods trade deal has sparked concerns that Moscow is seeking to open up a direct line into Tehran for the import of sanctioned nuclear equipment and military hardware, shipments that would flatly violate the terms of the recently inked interim nuclear deal.

Harry Reid Obstructing Vote on Iran Sanctions

McConnell: Reid’s opposition ‘harder to explain with each passing day’
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D., Nev.) ongoing refusal to permit a vote on new Iran sanctions legislation is drawing the ire of the majority of senators who support the bill.

Iran: ‘We Will in No Way, Never, Dismantle’ Nuclear Infrastructure

White House, Iran warn Congress against additional sanctions
Hassan Rouhani / AP

Iran vowed to maintain its nuclear infrastructure and threatened to boost its uranium enrichment capabilities just hours after announcing that it had agreed to a deal to halt some aspects of its contested nuclear program.

Iran to Build Two More Nuclear Plants

Announcement comes hours before U.S. inks agreement
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian officials announced the upcoming construction of two new nuclear plants on Saturday, just hours before the United States and Western nations signed a nuclear pact that will allow Iran to continue enriching uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon.