House Puts a Hold on NLRB

Votes to block rulings handed down until proper confirmation of board members
NLRB board members Mark Gaston Pearce, Sharon Block, and Richard Griffin /

The House voted today to block the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from ruling on workplace disputes until the Senate has properly confirmed three board members.

Justice Delayed

Court rejects appeal, delaying decision on Obama recess appointments

The Supreme Court dismissed a retirement community company’s challenge to the legitimacy of the National Labor Relations Board on Wednesday evening, delaying the expected high court battle over President Barack Obama’s recess appointments.

No Confirmation, No Paycheck

GOP bill would eliminate salaries of NLRB members until they are ‘legally confirmed’
Sen. Roy Blunt / AP

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt (R.) introduced a bill to eliminate the salaries of the Democratic board members Sharon Block and Richard Griffin in the wake of a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling declaring their “recess appointments” unconstitutional.

National Pro-Labor Relations Board

Report: NLRB hotbed of pro-union activism
Lafe Solomon, the acting general counsel for NLRB / AP

The Obama administration has turned the nation’s top labor dispute board into a bastion of pro-union activism, according to a House report. A House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigation revealed that the National Labor Relations Board, an independent arbiter of labor disputes, has demonstrated “strong pro-union bias” over the past three years.