Dems Clown Around During Maine DHHS Hearing

Clown / AP

Maine state Democratic Sens. Colleen Lachowicz and Margaret Craven donned clown noses during a Department of Health and Human Services public hearing about the availability of beds for low-income citizens in nursing homes, according to the Maine GOP.

‘Too Little, Too Late’

National Labor Relations Board orders Hostess to post notices in shuttered plant
Hostess / AP

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Monday blasted defunct Twinkie manufacturer Hostess for “unreasonably delaying providing the [Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International] Union with other requested information” and ordered the company to post signs admitting its bad-faith bargaining in its Biddeford, Maine offices.

Maine’s Energy King

Former company of liberal ‘independent’ Senate candidate Angus King received federal cash grant in June
Angus King / Wikimedia Commons

The scandal-ridden wind energy project co-founded by liberal “independent” Maine senate candidate Angus King received more than $33 million in cash under the 1603 program of the economic stimulus in June, according to the U.S. Treasury.

King of the Wind

Former Maine governor and ‘independent’ Senate candidate made the most of alt-energy bill he signed into law
Angus King / Wikimedia Commons

Former Maine governor and independent Senate candidate Angus King is an alternative energy entrepreneur who made the most of an electric-utility restructuring law that he signed during his governorship, while obtaining loan guarantees via the same program that loaned more than $500 million to the failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, records show.

King’s Dominion

Fiscal record of ‘Independent’ Maine senate candidate under attack
Angus King / AP

Independent Maine Senate candidate Angus King’s fiscal record during his eight-year tenure as the state’s governor is under fire from Maine Republicans and outside pro-business groups and becoming a major factor in the three-way race.

The King of All Media

Maine ‘independent’ Senate candidate Angus King Protected by Maine-Stream Media, Insiders Say
Angus King / Wikimedia Commons

Former Maine governor Angus King’s independent Senate candidacy has received a boost from the state’s mainstream media outlets—several of which were recently purchased by a high-profile liberal benefactor and King crony—and the bias is altering Republican campaign strategy, according to political insiders in Maine.

Dems in Love

Pair of Maine State Dems visit White House, break up, get creepy

A Maine state Democratic representative has filed a protection-from-abuse order against a fellow Maine Democrat and former lover, claiming stalking and harassment after their relationship ended.