Why Louie Gohmert Is Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare

Hillary Clinton is not as inevitable as Democrats would like to believe. Her failed book tour has exposed a litany of personal flaws (greed, lack of self-awareness), raised questions about her physical fitness, and revealed her to be severely out of touch with Real America.

While there are a number of Republican candidates who might be able to challenge Hillary in 2016, one in particular stands out. In the last week alone, Representative Louie Gohmert (R., Texas) has shown that he has what it takes to connect with masses.


Earlier this week, Politico blogger and spirit wanderer Dylan Byers rocked the Twitterverse with news that Washington Free Beacon digital managing editor Katherine Miller is jumping ship, accepting a plush gig at the Manhattan headquarters of BuzzFeed, the left-wing news and cat fetishist website.