Terry McAuliffe Won’t Say How Much His Education Plan Costs

Democratic candidate for Virginia governor declines to outline expense during debate

Democrat Terry McAuliffe would not say how much his expansive education plans would cost at a Wednesday night Virginia gubernatorial debate, despite being pressed by the moderator, debate panelists, and reporters.

McAuliffe Avoids Energy Policy at Energy Policy Event

Critics say Democrat is running from his record
Terry McAuliffe / AP

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, mostly avoided energy policy in a speech at a Thursday event on energy policy, signaling to his critics that he would rather not discuss his own record in that area.

Tim Kaine Backed Terry McAuliffe’s Doomed Car Company

Project criticized by Va. officials as overly reliant on political connections
Tim Kaine / AP

Former Virginia Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine helped the investment firm that backed a struggling electric car company then headed by current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe shortly after state officials criticized the company’s business model as overly reliant on political connections.

Questionable Business Connections May Hurt Democrat Terry McAuliffe

Republican candidate expected to hit McAuliffe on dealings in first debate
Terry McAuliffe / AP

The leading candidates for Virginia governor will meet for their first debate on Saturday, where Democrat Terry McAuliffe will likely face criticism of business deals that have netted him millions despite their relative lack of success.

Terry McAuliffe’s Involvement in Contribution Scandal Reemerges

Engaged in bid to gin up Democratic donations by helping would-be union boss
Terry McAuliffe / AP

Democrat Terry McAuliffe was deeply involved in a 1990s scheme to illegally aid in the election of a major union boss in exchange for large contributions from the union to the Democratic Party’s war chest, according to a Democratic Governors Association official.

McAuliffe Watch

Full Flop for The Macker
Terry McAuliffe / AP

The Richmond Times-Dispatch put Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s evolving position on offshore oil drilling to the test with its Flip-O-Meter. The result: a Full Flop.