AIPAC ‘Neutered’ on New Iran Sanctions

Pro-Israel lobby mute on support for new sanctions

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is staying silent about a new congressional amendment that would level fresh economic sanctions on Iran, leading some insiders to say that the pro-Israel lobbying group has been “neutered” following a high profile defeat last month.

Veterans: Military Pension Cuts Must Go

Hearing examines COLA cuts
Senate Armed Services Committee member Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.)

Military veterans testifying before Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday demanded full repeal of the pension cuts to retirees that “break the sacred trust” of promises made to men and women in uniform.

Senate Democrats Block Amendment to Restore Military Pensions

Amendment would close loophole that allows tax refunds for illegal aliens
Barbara Boxer / AP

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican attempt to restore military pensions cut in last month’s budget deal, denying a vote that would save up to $20 billion by closing a loophole that allows tax refunds to go to illegal aliens.

Dem Backs Off Support for Amendment Saving Military Pensions

Update: Levin says he cannot support closing loophole ending welfare for illegal immigrants
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin

Sen. Levin now says he does not support Sen. Ayotte’s bill due to its closing of the loophole that allows illegal immigrants to receive tax credits. Levin’s office said he supports eliminating pension cuts to military retirees, but was unaware of how Ayotte’s legislation offset the cuts.

His spokesman told the Hill: “Sen. Levin would support legislation to repeal the military pension cuts if such an amendment didn’t endanger underlying legislation and if he supported the offset. He doesn’t support the offset in Sen. Ayotte’s legislation, so he couldn’t offer support for her legislation.”