DeMint: ‘We See Conservative Principles Working Everywhere’

New Heritage Foundation preident Jim DeMint espoused conservative principles rather than discussing the state of the Republican Party in a CNBC interview Tuesday, saying conservative ideas are working all over the country and national electoral success would follow with a strong grass roots campaign like in 2010. One example the former South Carolina Senator gave …

Cobbling Together a Cliff Coalition

GOP leadership united on fiscal cliff deal despite conservative complaints, aides say

Negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff entered a critical stage this week as the outlines of a potential compromise began to materialize.

Brand USA Scandal Deepens

Govt. subsidized corporation had no clear mission, audit finds
Brand USA logo / AP

KTS Business Consulting’s recent audit of Brand USA—the government-subsidized corporation created by Congress to promote United States tourism that has been dogged by allegations of cronyism and waste—obtained by the Free Beacon shows a company without vision, motivation, or oversight.

The Crony Cliff

Risk of cronyism, corruption in fiscal cliff negotiations
Jim DeMint / AP

Some see a danger of political cronyism and corruption arising from the back room deal underway as Congress negotiates with the White House to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Brand Exodus

Second Brand USA exec leaves company on heels of Senate report
Chris Perkins / Twitter

Another top executive has departed from Brand USA, a public-private corporation founded to promote U.S. tourism, in the wake of a congressional report detailing what its authors call waste and cronyism.


Report: Taxpayer-funded tourism board filled with waste, cronyism
Brand USA logo

The federal government’s latest taxpayer-funded effort to promote U.S. tourism is dogged by lavish spending, cronyism, and questionable accounting, according to a report released Thursday by two U.S. Senators.

Tarnished Brand

CEO of Obama Tourism Board Steps Down Ahead of Report Exposing Lavish Dance Parties, Tickets to Nationals Games, Free Rides on Amtrak

The partially taxpayer-funded corporation to promote tourism, Brand USA, has released an overdue annual report detailing lavish parties for some of the nation’s top tourism executives.

Senators Call for Probe of Brand USA

Federal funds may have been wasted on vacations, parties for Democratic donors

Several Republican Senators are launching a probe into Brand USA, a public-private corporation established by Congress to promote U.S. tourism accused by critics of being a slush-fund for Democratic boosters.

The Cronyism Board

Tourism board stacked with Obama cronies

The government-appointed board behind an aggressive overseas advertising campaign to promote tourism to the U.S. is little more than a corporate welfare program and a slush fund for wealthy Democratic donors, critics say.