The Populist Earthquake

Donald Trump (AP)

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders overturned American politics with their stunning wins in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday. As I write, with two-thirds of the vote in, Trump leads John Kasich by almost 20 points on the Republican side and Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 21 points on the Democratic side. Those numbers are incredible. Trump outperformed his ideological precursor Pat Buchanan, who won the New Hampshire primary in 1996. And Sanders—well, what can one say about Sanders?

6 Nice Jeb-Related Things in Barbara Bush’s Memoirs


Over at Gawker they are laying into Jeb Bush, suggesting that, of all people, his wonderful mother, Barbara, is his “biggest bully.”

While there is no denying that the Silver Fox is sparing in her praise, especially for her children, it would be a huge mistake to think that there is any love lost between our greatest living First Lady and the former governor of Florida. Here, pulled at random from her charming two volumes of memoirs, are 10 counter-examples:

A Rattled Rubio Survives New Hampshire Debate

Marco Rubio (AP)

Marco Rubio entered the ABC New Hampshire debate on the upswing, only to have Chris Christie bat him down. Rubio effectively turned a third-place finish in Iowa into a springboard for a top-two finish in New Hampshire. But Christie wasn’t about to let him sail to victory without a fight. Christie launched into a brutal and bruising attack on Rubio’s inexperience, belittling his record in the Senate, calling him over-scripted and underprepared, contrasting senatorial debate with executive action.

5 Things to Know Before the Votes Are Counted in Iowa

Does it really deserve a star on the flag?

The Iowa caucuses are upon us. The winning candidates from each party will immediately be sworn in as co-presidents. Donald Trump is probably going to win—or is he? Jeb Bush will be there. Hillary Clinton is supposed to win, but she’s also one of the worst political candidates in American history, and is almost definitely going to jail. Whatever the outcome, here are five things you need to know before the votes are counted:

The Night Fox News Hosted Two Undercard Debates


Thursday’s Republican presidential debate on Fox News Channel was serious, substantive, and filled with thoughtful policy statements from major candidates. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz delivered solid performances. Yet there was something missing: The Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who skipped the debate because of a dispute with the cable news powerhouse. I watched the program attentively, yet was left puzzled by what I saw. It’s hard to determine who wins when the candidate who leads the polls and has determined the grounds of political discussion is nowhere to be seen.