Obama’s Indispensable Leadership


In the film Office Space, Tom Smykowski gets fired after a couple of outside consultants realize that his job is essentially pointless and he contributes nothing of value to the company. Here’s the clip, which you’ve probably seen:

Lois Lerner Breaks Silence: ‘I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’


Poor Lois Lerner. She used to be an award-winning public servant who got “amazing ratings and bonuses.” But since the IRS targeting scandal broke in 2013—when Lerner planted a question in order to preempt an inspector general’s report—she has been forced into early retirement. Her life—married to a rich attorney, living in a $2.5 million mansion, and earning a $100,000 annual pension—has become a living nightmare. In many ways, Lerner is the real victim of the IRS scandal.

That is essentially what readers are meant to take away from an exclusive THE POLITICO interview/puff piece published on Monday, in which a defiant Lerner denied any wrongdoing while refusing to address damning revelations “at the behest of her lawyers.” It is the first time she has spoken publicly in 16 months.