IRS Watchdog Continues to Hide Records on White House Leaks


An independent IRS monitor announced Monday it will block the release of roughly 400 more pages of documents related to unauthorized leaks of confidential taxpayer information to the White House.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) told the watchdog group Cause of Action it would be withholding nearly all of the 2,500 documents it located that were related to unauthorized IRS leaks to the White House. Earlier this month, TIGTA told Cause of Action it was withholding roughly 2,100 of the documents and said it would take an additional two weeks to review the rest.

Obama’s Indispensable Leadership


In the film Office Space, Tom Smykowski gets fired after a couple of outside consultants realize that his job is essentially pointless and he contributes nothing of value to the company. Here’s the clip, which you’ve probably seen: