Russia to Arm Iran With Advanced Missile System


Russia has announced that it will go ahead with the delivery of an advanced missile defense system to Iran following the removal of international sanctions on the Islamic Republic as a result of the recently inked nuclear agreement, according to reports.

House Rejects Measure to Bar Ex-Im Financing for Terrorism Sponsors

An Iran Air Boeing 727 lands in Tehran / AP

Taxpayers could end up footing the bill for Iran’s purchase of American-manufactured planes thanks to legislation passed on Thursday that critics say facilitates U.S. support for an Iranian commercial airline sector frequently used in service of its international terrorist proxies.

Donald Trump Has a Genius Plan to Deal With Iran

Our next president.

Former Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has a genius plan to solve the foreign policy problems posed by Iran. In his latest book, Crippled America, Trump trashes the “terrible” nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration, but is pessimistic about the possibility of reimposing sanctions on the Iranian regime. “Unfortunately, the deal is done,” he writes.