Iran Issues Death Sentence for Israeli Spy, Claims U.S. Agents Also Imprisoned

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian counter-intelligence officials disclosed on Wednesday that they have discovered foreign spies who have been working to obtain information on the country’s military and aerospace industries, according to recent remarks in which Iranian officials claim to have issued the death sentence for at least one Israeli spy and the imprisonment of several Americans.

New Trump Crackdown Seeks to Sever Ties Between Iran, Palestinian Terrorists

Screen shot from al-Sabireen propaganda video

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday a slate of new sanctions on an Iranian-backed terror organization and its top allies in the Hamas movement, according to an announcement that is being viewed as part of an effort to disrupt the Islamic Republic’s terror networks operating on the border of Israel.

Lawmakers Press Pence to Help 100 Iranian Christians in Legal Limbo in Austria 

Reps. Randy Hultgren (R., Ill.) and James McGovern (D., Mass.) are pressing Vice President Mike Pence to help find a solution for 100 Iranians—most of them Christians or members of other Iranian religious minorities—who have been in limbo in Vienna for more than a year awaiting entrance into the United States.