Robert D. Kaplan: Think Tragically to Avoid Tragedy

Robert D. Kaplan

Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 brought U.S.-Russia relations to their lowest point since the Cold War. At the same time, China ramped up its aggressive activities in the South China Sea, pushing its territorial claims and challenging international norms of freedom of navigation. Iran, meanwhile, increased its support to proxies across the Middle East and bolstered its support for the Assad regime in Syria.

Congress Suspects Obama Admin Delivered Billions in Cash to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

John Kerry

New admissions by the Obama administration that American officials physically handed some $1.7 billion in cash to the Iranian government are fueling a congressional investigation into still-hidden details surrounding the deal, according to congressional sources and previously unreported-on letters seen by the Washington Free Beacon.

Cruz: White House Orchestrated Money Laundering Operation for Iran

Ted Cruz

The Obama administration orchestrated a “money laundering operation” on Iran’s behalf, a leading senator told the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday following testimony by top U.S. officials who disclosed that the Islamic Republic forced the United States to pay it $1.7 billion in cash prior to the release of several American hostages.